S/V Velocity

Keel profile
Profile of the keel of Velocity.

Velocity has a cored hull, a carbon-fiber mast, and a bit of a swelling at the bottom of her keel, all of which keeps the total weight down and low. But, in her heart, she's a cruising boat — the flared bow and full stern keeps her from surfing in all but the strongest of wind conditions.


Here are the principle dimensions of Velocity:

LOA 42.0 ft
LWL 35.1 ft
Beam 12.2 ft
Draft 6.6 ft
Empty displacement (measured) 18,340 lbs
1/2 Load Displacement (specs) 19,700 lbs
Fuel 62 gal
Fresh water 100 gal
Ballast 7000 lbs
100% sail area 790 sq ft
I 50.50 ft
J 14.70 ft
P 46.50 ft
E 18.0 ft
D / L 203
SA/D (100% jib) 17.3
SA/D (130% genoa) 19.7
Air draft 56.7 ft

Her PHRF rating is about 75 in the Puget Sound area, 72 in the Bay Area.