Hawse pipe plugs

The J/42 has two slots on the forward edge of the anchor locker cover, intended for leading a rode through on its way over the side. Unfortunately, they can also let a lot of water into the anchor locker when taking waves over the bow. Because there's only one drain for the locker and it's a small one, the water goes back out only very slowly. Take enough water over the bow, and you can fill the locker up, which happened to Bill & Kathy on their boat Jarana on passage to San Francisco. The water ended up coming through some forgotten holes in the forward bulkhead and onto their berth!

I decided to plug the holes with removable plugs. Here's what I came up with.

Overview of the anchor locker cover

The cover of the anchor locker with the plugs in place.

Underside of the anchor locker cover

Underneath of the cover.

Details of the chocks

Detail of the plugs. They were made by sanding down 5/4" teak to the appropriate shapes, then laminating the pieces together with thickened epoxy.