New cover for the rudder post

The boat came with a removable hatch cover made by Viking that covered the rudder post. Unfortunately, even though it had two cams to dog it down, it always leaked. After a while, I gave up and covered the hole with a sheet of plexiglass, sealed with Sikaflex, accepting that if I ever had to use the emergency tiller, it would take some time to get the plexiglass off.

Finally, I decided to try covering the hole with an 11" diameter sheet of 1/4" G10, with a 4" Beckson screw out plate.

To start, I made a cardboard template to make sure that a 4" hole was big enough to accomodate the emergency tiller at the angle it passes through the deck. It is, although you have to place it precisely.

Cutting the 11" diameter sheet of 1/4" G10. I cut it freehand with a jig saw, then sanded it to a smooth curve. Same with the inner hole for the Beckson plate, although it is not as critical because its flange covers any irregularities.

The finished cover in place.

The new cover in use.

Finally! A dry bilge!