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About the station

The weather station uses a solar-powered Davis VantagePro2 integrated sensor suite mounted on an 8' pole in the back field. It includes a fan-aspirated radiation shield.

In addition, there is an extra Davis temperature station, which samples the water temperature at the bottom of our pond — useful to check for stressful conditions for the rainbow trout.

Both sensors transmit their data wirelessly to a Davis WeatherEnvoy receiver, which is plugged into a USB port of a fit-PC Slim, running Ubuntu V8.10. The data are collected using 'weewx', a software system I wrote in Python, and then submitted to the WeatherUnderground as station KORHOODR3, as well as being used to update a special weather page, using ftp pushes from the server every five minutes.

Weewx source code is available on GitHub.

I also wrote a Python script wunderfixer to fix the problem of missing data on the Weather Underground. It works for both weewx and wview, a weather system I used earlier.

Davis VantagePro2 in the back field
The Davis VantagePro 2 wireless integrated sensor is mounted on an 8 foot pole in the back of the house. It measures temperature, humidity, rainfall, and wind.
Sendor for the pond temperature
The wireless temperature station, which measures temperature at the bottom of the pond. The wire to the probe can be seen at the bottom of the station.
The fit-PC
The Davis Envoy (left) and the tiny fit-PC Slim (right). The latter draws only 6 watts, and comes with 512MB of RAM and a 60GB hard drive. Its WiFi connection allows it to be located anywhere in the house and accessed remotely using SSH.